Sponsors and Partners:

One Tree Planted, Contour Lines

Project Duration:

Project Overview


The Land:

Lowland forests around the Rio Dulce in Caribbean Guatemala. For hundreds of years, as far back as the Mayans, these forests have been used for agricultural production; primarily corn. Production of mono-cultural crops does not support healthy lifestyles and is no longer profitable. Waters that flow from these forests feed the Rio Dulce and enter the Caribbean Sea where they mix with the world’s third largest coral reef – the Mesoamerican Reef.


Private Land in Collective Association Conservation Reserve

The Restoration:

Rural community groups led by Contour Lines are using a regenerative agroforestry approach to build diversity in native plants, fruit trees, and agricultural crops. These plants work together to rebuild topsoil, soil organic matter, and soil nutrients. Our goal is to scale up current efforts of 20-30,000 trees planted per year to 200,000 trees per year. By incorporating a biodiversity and soil monitoring program, we are attracting greater funding opportunities and convincing corporate sponsors to invest in private land.