Sponsors and Partners:

One Tree Planted, AMOVALE

Project Duration: 2020 to Current

Project Overview


The Land:

Atlantic Rainforests are the most threatened rainforest type of Brazil – it has been estimated that only 7% of the former extant of this forest type remain. This ecosystem contains 23,000 plant species – the most biodiverse on the planet. Slash and burn agriculture, ranching, forest clear-cutting for timber, and urban development are mostly to blame for loss of this forest type.


Federal Government and Private Easements

The Restoration:

We are working with the NGO Amovale to build from their current tree planting rate of 10-30,000 trees per year to 200,000 trees per year. We are working to build a more efficient logistical system and connecting to communities to funders to scale up reforestation capacity in this region.