Revolutionizing Reforestation

Overview: From our experience developing capacity for large-scale reforestation, implementing projects with plantings of over six million trees, and assessing the potential for restoration scaling in over 40 countries, we are in a unique position to offer a diversified portfolio in the voluntary carbon credit market. At the same time, we seek technological solutions to maximize carbon capture in western US and tropical forests while addressing biodiversity building, clean water, and social relevancy.


We work with carbon brokers and investors to design and implement large-scale reforestation projects that maximize carbon benefits. We also work with NGOs around the world to scale up capacity for reforestation by designing improved logistical systems and connecting to funders.



We embed biodiversity building into a conservation credit portfolio that builds from the more commonly used carbon credit approach. We train communities in plant performance monitoring, water quality and quantity monitoring, soil monitoring, eDNA sampling, and acoustic monitoring. The ecology team goal is to use biodiversity monitoring to drive management decisions, and foster biodiversity appreciation through citizen science.


From private, public, and corporate investment, we have a diverse funding portfolio that leads to results across our network. We develop mutual funds across projects to reduce risk and optimize carbon and conservation credit gains.


We focus on ways to enhance restoration effectiveness, maximize multifunctionality, pre-adapt plants and animals for global warming, and engage public participation through citizen science.


Education programs such as EcoKids, GreenDrone, and Restoration Certificate Field School are all geared towards increasing public participation in land stewardship, revision cultural relationships to nature, and training the next generation of restoration practitioners.


Our mentorship program and Think Tanks developed for each of these value groups creates meaningful reslationships and transfer of ideas allowing scaling to take place without depending only on a leadership team – but all members of the network.


Expression of our values in nature and the process of acting on these values is a core component of our educational programs and community participatory process.

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