Spring Creek Fire Reforestation, Colorado

Sponsors and Partners:

Land Life Company, Arbor Day Foundation, One Tree Planted

Project Duration: 2020 - Current

Project Overview

Spring Creek Fire Reforestation

The Land:

The Spring Creek Fire in 2018 was one of the largest wildfires in Colorado at that time. The fire burned through ponderosa pine forests, mixed-conifer forests, and high elevation spruce-fir forests. Much of the land in southern Colorado is privately owned and without a history of these large and high severity fires, little remediation programs exist to help private land-owners. 

The People:

With the aid of the regional water conservation district, we developed a network of private land-owners. Over 70 private land-owners have been involved in this reforestation program for a total of over 9,000 acres reforested and over 2.5 million trees planted. 

The Restoration:

The reforestation of over 2.5 million trees for conservation purposes makes this project one of the largest post-fire reforestation projects in the western United States and certainly the largest in the Southwest. By developing capacity to plant trees at this scale, Ecoculture is now in a position to help neighbors in northern Colorado and northern New Mexico – that have recently experienced the largest fires in both of these states history.