East Troublesome and Hermit Peak Fires Reforestation

Sponsors and Partners:

Land Life Company, One Tree Planted, One Canopy, National Forest Foundation, Arbor Day Foundation, 

Project Duration: 2022 - Current

Project Overview

East Troublesome and Hermit Peak Fire Reforestation

The Land:

We are focusing on helping private land-owners reforest after the largest fires in the history of Colorado and New Mexico. Our network includes over 50 land-owners and we are working to build even larger as these fires total to cover over 800,000 acres.

The People:

We are primarily working with private land-owners to develop reforestation projects. We are also leading volunteer community tree-planting activities to foster a regional conservation ethos.

The Restoration:

With over 3.5 million trees planted in post-fire landscapes, we are in a fortunate position to be able to help communities impacted by the East Troublesome fire in Colorado and the Hermit Peak Fire in New Mexico. Locally collected seeds and nurseries with capacity to grow millions of trees, we will be developing project partnerships to plant nearly 10 million trees in this region.