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Inspiring youth to connect with nature



We have planted over two million trees in the western United States, resulting in the natural regeneration of millions more. We have also removed over 1,000 acres of exotic species during these efforts. These efforts have been conducted in partnership with tribal agencies, US agencies, community groups, and schools. Our goal is to increase workforce capacity, nursery capacity, and overall restoration capacity by developing a network of grassroots hubs throughout the region and training restoration innovators through education and our Restoration Certificate program for tribal youth.



We work in rivers, streams, and springs across the western United States and into Mexico. We work to develop a multi-species conservation approach rather than the more bureaucratic single species approach and educate the public about the importance of biodiversity and how to monitor it.


We have raised over 10 million dollars to restore riparian ecosystems. Our current goal is to work with NGOs in the region to explore new ideas for revenue generation, job development, and enhanced conservation capacity.


In the arid western US, it is key to develop plant materials that are suited to climates of tomorrow and that support communities of future climates. Our research focus is on better adapted plants, creative planting techniques, and maximizing carbon, biodiversity, and water benefits through restoration.


Our Educational programs such as EcoKids, GreenDrone, and Restoration Certificate Field School are all operating on western waters. We teach K-12, University, and Community College courses to tribal youth and rural community youth. A cornerstone of many projects is to work with schools and NGOs to co-develop projects and implement them together.


A key thesis of our group is that cross-cultural networking enhances the overall creativity of our team. We bring together tribal groups, rural communities, urban youth, from diverse cultural backgrounds. We share results and stories from across our network to inspire action and to stimulate new solutions for conservation and green-job promotion.


The expression of our values of nature is the theme of our art. This is reflected in our restoration projects through incorporation of concepts illustrated in Earth Art, trail design, narratives, and videography. Expression of our values in nature and the process of acting on these values is a core component of our educational programs and community participatory process.

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Salt River Watershed

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Little Colorado River

A Synergy to Stewarding Nature

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Green drone az stem pro live video

Green Drone AZ STEM equity dashboard

We have designed a custom dashboard that allows users to not only view which schools have enrolled in Green Drone AZ, but also provides a geographical component through an interactive map. Individuals can query data to target schools in need and increase STEM education in underserved communities. 

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